Pump Operation - The output from the pump's integral gearbox moves a reciprocating piston located in a oil filled cylinder.  

Movement of this piston displaces a volume of hydraulic fluid in the primary chamber causing a diaphragm to deflect by an equal volume.  Deflection of the diaphragm in turn transmits the hydraulic pressure into the secondary chamber which contains a hose.

This transmission of hydraulic pressure developed by the reciprocating piston gently squeezes the hose which pumps the actual slurry.

Advantages - The slurry is completely contained within the hose.  Therefore, the diaphragm does not come into contact with the slurry and operates only between two clean hydraulic fluids.  Since the diaphragm is not exposed to any abrasives or contaminants its life is maximized.

Fail Safe Operation - The main advantage of the Toyo design is that should the hose ever fail, the pump can continue to operate normally without shut down as a conventional diaphragm pump until a suitable time may be allocated for hose replacement.





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