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Non-Clog Impeller:


An impeller used in centrifugal pumps. this impeller is characteristic of preventing internal clogging by solids in the pumped liquid.




Non-Clog Impeller (shrouded type):


An impeller having a wide channel extending from inlet to exit, which prevents internal clogging by solids sucked in via the inlet.




Non-Clog Impeller (with cutter mechanism):


A "cutter mechanism" is provided by the combined action of a carbide blade integrated into a non-clog impeller and the saw-shaped inner surface of a suction cover.  This cutter mechanism cuts up fibrous foreign matter to facilitate transfer.



Vortex Impeller:


An impeller used mainly in volute pumps.  vortex impellers pump water by the eddy flow caused by interaction with the casing, which prevents internal clogging by solids and fibrous matter.




Open Impeller:


A shroud-less impeller used in centrifugal pumps.  There are two types of open impellers "semi-open" and "fully-open" impellers. .





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