R.B. Mosher Co.
When it comes to quality pumps and process equipment, R.B. Mosher Co. is a name you can trust. The company has been producing various commercial pumps since 1986 and has provided a wide array of components/parts services to industries such as Petrochemical, OEM, power plants, factories, and municipal Industries.
R.B. Mosher has a large inventory and supplies its products to customers and industries in the USA and around the globe. With Mosher products you don't only get the latest in pump system technology but also have a dependable after sales service team through its skilled staff and technicians. Orders and deliveries are handled promptly and efficiently.

Mosherflo Pumps and Products
The Mosherflo line of products offers reliable ANSI pumps, Self-priming pumps, and other OEM parts at competitive prices. Get the same high quality pump packages and customized pump products for your project needs without exceeding your budget (quality same as Goulds or Duriron ANSI Process Pump and Gorman-Rupp Self-Priming Pumps).

ANSI Pumps
The Mosherflo-D ANSI Pumps come with the following standards: Reverse Vane Impellers, Bearing Isolators, Solid or Sleeved Shafts, and Selection of Seal Chambers while the Mosherflo-G series has Open Impellers.

Both series are built to ANSI B73.1M. The D series can be used with any Durco or Summit Pump parts while the G series fits with existing Goulds, Griswold, or Summit parts' inventory.

Self-priming Pumps
Mosherflo Self-priming pumps are suited for most typical industrial and municipal applications and their parts and performance are direct matches to the Gorman-Rupp line of pump products (however, R.B. Mosher is not associated with Gorman-Rupp and its products).

The Self-priming pumps come in ST, SU, STX ranges, are hydro-tested for quality control, and 2"-12" parts, pumps, and rotating assemblies are readily in stock.

Other Process Equipment

Filters R.B. Mosher is your "one-stop-shop" for all your filtration needs. There are available systems for various filtration programs that can even run for years. R.B. Mosher also supplies Duplex filtration systems for highest quality of filtration. Vessel housings can handle 100 GPM to over 2200 GPM and come in Carbon or Stainless steel materials.

R.B. Mosher carries Y and Basket strainers in cast iron, bronze, and stainless steel. The company is the exclusive distributor of ALTA Strainers plus other brands like TITAN, MULLER, HAYWARD, ARMSTRONG, SPIRAX, SARCO among others.

Steam Traps
When it comes to stream traps, R.B. Mosher has a large stock of well-known brands like SPIRAX SARCO, ARMSTRONG, YARWAY, and HOFFMAN. It is also an authorized distributor of PENNANT Steam products.

R.B. Mosher has a wide-range of ball valves, cryogenic valves, butterfly, and check valves. The valves come in Carbon, Bronze, and Stainless Steel assemblies that can still be fitted to your project needs. It is a distributor for TITAN Flow Control Inc. and Flo-tite valves.

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