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Column Sumps and Sewage Pumps

"Sump Pump" is the term applied to units suitable for handling clear liquids or small solids such as may pass through the strainer with which each pump is equipped. Efficiencies in some ratings are higher than with pumps specifically designed for solids handling.


Series: SUP SEP
Type: Column Effluent Column Sewage


15 to 500 USGPM 
(3.4 to 112.87 m3/hr)
50 to 1400 USGPM 
(11.4 to 316 m3/hr)
Head: up to 88 ft (26.8m) up to 120 ft (36.6m)
Horsepower: up to 20 HP (15 kw) up to 40 HP (30 kw)
Drives: Vertical Electrical Motor Vertical Electrical Motor
Liquids Pumped: Water and waste liquids Water, sewage and waste liquids
Materials of Construction:
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