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Sand and Gravel Pumps

Submersible Pumps, Sand and Gravel Pump Systems

Pumping Solutions gives you a wide-range of options for all your pump requirements. Our professional products include submersible water pumps, sand and gravel pumps, wastewater, sewage, and seawater pumps for sale. We also have a great collection of pump parts and accessories for sand and gravel pumps, galigher delta pinch valves, metering pumps, air diaphragm parts, and other hard-to-find accessories and parts. Our company is a consistent supplier of water, sand and gravel, and other submersible pumps to various commercial, construction, and industrial clients all over the U.S. and abroad.

Have a question about our wastewater, sand and gravel pumps, and other quality pumps products? You can CALL US NOW and get more details about the product you want. We specialize in branded and quality pumping solutions including submersible pumps, sand and gravel pumps, slurry pumps, and other types of pump designs.

We can give you a FREE estimate for any of your product inquiries and when you call us, you can get an instant confirmation about the availability of the different models of our water pumps, sand and gravel pumps, air diaphragm pumps, etc. Our sand and gravel pumps, pinch valves, and other pumping solutions are all world-class products and are very reliable when it comes to heavy duty work. You can reach our company at:

Phone Number: (570)454-5587
Fax: (570)459-6606

For your reference, please visit site

Wondering about our different services? Fill out the online form below and we’ll get back to you immediately! Know more about our on sale products such as submersible water pumps, sand and gravel pumps, pump and valve parts, etc.

You can also contact us if you need assistance with any of our on sale water pumps, sand and gravel pumps, and other parts and services. With Pumping Solutions, you’re not only getting the best and most reliable pump products. You also talk to people who are among the best and most experienced in the industry. We go out of our way to answer all your questions and make sure you understand the product you are buying. We will even help you determine the appropriate pump that will accomplish the job. We sell word-class submersible water pumps, sand and gravel pumps, and brand new parts and accessories.

Please CALL US TODAY so we can assist you immediately with your concerns. You can also arrange a meeting with one of our expert technicians if you would like to have a better discussion about your projects pumping requirements.


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