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Today's Answers to Today's Pumping Problems

CALL US if you need reliable and quality Tsurumi Submersible Systems including wastewater, seawater, sewage, and sand and gravel pump systems. We also sell galigher delta pinch valves, air diaphragm parts, portable mixers, metering pumps, and other accessories to complete your plumbing, construction, or industrial needs.


For over 3 decades, Pumping Solution has been providing well known and high quality delta pinch valves, submersible systems, air diaphragm parts and pumping solutions for both local and international projects in commercial, mining, constructions, waste water treatment and other heavy-duty requirements.

We have a wide array of products under our submersible systems which include seawater, wastewater, and sewage pumps; Galigher "Galigher Delta" pinch valves parts, sand & gravel and air diaphragm pumps and parts. We also sell quality and name brand rubber and metal slurry pumps and parts, and ANSI chemical process pumps. From simple to complex applications, we are confident that we can find the perfect product and solution for your pumping needs.

Because of our excellent customer service and support, we successfully came through every challenge, stayed on in the business, and thrived to become one of the most trusted wholesale distributors/manufacturer’s representatives of submersible systems, sand and gravel pumps, air diaphragm parts, galigher delta pinch valves, and other important and innovative process equipment in the U.S. and abroad. All our submersible systems and products are guaranteed efficient and for long-term use.

Submersible Pump Systems

Submersible systems have airtight motors so that you can submerge the whole pump assembly in the water or fluid to be pumped. Using this type of assembly helps you avoid pump cavitation—a situation when vapour cavities form in liquid substances as forces act upon it. It happens when there are rapid, sudden, or extreme changes in pressure causing the cavities to implode and generate intense shockwaves. Cavitation is a common cause of serious damage to engineering equipment.

We specialize in submersible pump systems and carry a complete line of Tsurumi Submersible pumps. Our expert sales managers and technicians can help you choose the right submersible model for your operations and also help you to overcome problems and deficiencies in your current systems.

Sand and Gravel Pumps

Whenever there’s a construction for buildings, roads, and other modern infrastructure, sand and gravel pumps have to be located within the construction site. These are centrifugal systems that help treat sand and gravel materials for various applications. They are also used in industries such as mining and chemical.

Our sand and gravel systems are heavy-duty equipment that can efficiently handle the tough and abrasive materials. They can are very capable of effectively removing wet sand, mud, or silt and pumping gravel slurry.

Air Diaphragm Pump

Air diaphragm systems use positive displacement (trapping a fixed amount of liquid and then forcing that trapped volume of fluid into the systems discharge pipe) to pump or move liquid materials. Air diaphragm systems are the most appropriate solutions for applications that would need you to move a lot of fluid or fluid that contains some solid materials or viscous or sticky substances.

We supply different types of air diaphragm pumps that are easy to install and need minimal maintenance service. We also have parts for most air diaphragm systems.


GET THE BEST DEALER to solve all your pumping problems! This is where you can get solutions for your air diaphragm systems, sand and gravel systems, galigher delta pinch valves, and submersible pumps.

  • Complete Application Assistance
  • System Engineering Consulting
  • Rubber Lined or High Chrome Slurry Pumps
  • Wastewater Treatment Applications

Whether you need a submersible pump, sand and gravel pump, air diaphragm pump or water pump for draining basement water, for collecting rainwater or for leakage, find the water pump that best suits your need at Pumping Solution.

Contact Pumping Solution, the pumping problem solver, through phone, (570) 454-5587 or by email, nesc@ptd.net.


Your efficient water, sand and gravel, and submersible systems should all begin with proper installation for them to function properly. That’s why you should always consult a professionally trained technician when you encounter problems such as too much/too strong water pressure, low pressure, clogging, and other malfunctions.

Of course it’s always best to have regular maintenance for your pumps in order to avoid more serious issues in the future like broken pipes, electrical damage, or pressure control inconsistencies.

If you ever encounter a sudden malfunction and would like to troubleshoot first before calling your repairman, remember to unplug or turn off any electricity connected to your pumps. Then check the pressure switch contacts and clean them to make sure there is no dirt that could be causing the malfunction. If the problems persist, have your expert technician look at your system right away.

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